Our Venues

La Maroquinerie
Resumed in 2003 by le Jardin Imparfait, la Maroquinerie has been for almost 15 years the hall of all the music in Paris. With a restaurant praised by gourmets and an open terrace where it is good to start the evening, the leather is a place of life, exchange and conviviality. The room, with a capacity of 495 people, is arranged as an arc on several levels, which allows a musical experience closer to the artists, a total immersion in their world.

Music programming is provided by
Music programming is provided by Xavier Decleire.

Les Trois Baudets
Les Trois Baudets were created in 1947 by Jacques Canetti. To fill the absence of Parisian venues where young artists, most often unknown, could easily perform in front of an audience, Canetti gives artists the time to become, while allowing them to live their craft and improve each evening in front of a curious and demanding public. Arise a new generation of singers, those of singer-songwriters. It is in this venue that more than a hundred artists will start their prodigious stage and record career.

70 years after its creation, the need to find a nursery of talent, to get closer to the initial concept, its history, led the City of Paris to rehabilitate this place of historical discovery, entrusting the management to Olivier Poubelle alongside Alice Vivier (The Lodge ).

Le Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord
Legendary venue where the patina of the walls testifies to the memory of the exceptional moments of which it was the place, the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord has been habited since the beginning by actors and musicians from all over the world. Built in 1876, it was reborn in 1974 under the direction of Peter Brook and Micheline Rozan. Throughout the seasons, the public is invited to discover as many shows, love marriages between music, theater and opera. All music - classical, jazz, contemporary music - compete for the poster of the concert season.

The theater is co-directed by Olivier Mantei (Opéra Comique) and Olivier Poubelle since 2010.

Le Bataclan
Originally referred to as the Chinese Grand Café-Theater Ba-ta-clan, its first name referred to Ba-ta-clan, an Offenbach operetta. With the abandonment of the hyphens, his name returned to the original word bataclan, evoking a happy din or fuss. Le Bataclan He returned to its first role as a theater in 1983. Rather rock'n'roll, he will be a high-rise post-punk place. In 2006, its facade found the original colors it had lost for a long time, even if the pagoda roof no longer exists. The Bataclan is characterized today by an eclectic activity giving way to shows, café-theater, discotheque, but especially to concerts (and occasionally as showroom). It welcome on stage big names in music, variety and comedy, from Velvet Underground to Stromae, to Roxy Music, Stray Cats, The Police, Prince and The Cure, and so on.

Le Bataclan is co-directed by Jules Frutos (Alias Productions) and Olivier Poubelle, in association with Lagardère.

Le Radiant-Bellevue
The cultural seasons follow one another and are not alike. Le Radiant-Bellevue proposes a demanding selection with a popular dimension, which marks its difference by the desire to seek the diversity of creation in all areas of vitality, with artists and shows with national and international reputation that coexist with talents in the making. This gives this place a unique spirit of openness and decompartmentalization through its plurality and cultural diversity. Le spectacle vivant est ainsi fait, c’est pour cela qu’on l’aime ! The live show is well done, that's why we love it! Theater, dance, music, song, circus, humor, are the backdrop of Radiant-Bellevue's programming. A demanding journey, sound, visual, contemporary and singular at the heart of a popular and festive culture. It is never wrong to want to live intensely!

The management is provided by Victor Bosch.